Monday, 11 July 2016

Protect Your Company Data

You should always backup your data.  If you don’t the information on your servers/computers hard drives can be deleted or lost.

Most hard drives have movable parts inside of it.  Just like any other movable part, (I like to use an example of car engine) over time it fails.  When the hard drive fails it could cost thousands of dollars and several days to bring the server to a workable state.

How do I prevent my hard drives from failing?  First and foremost you should have a IT company reviewing your server logs and your hard drives performance.  Nirvoo Networks provides this type of service for your company.  It is our job to assist with keeping your company up and running at all times.  Secondly, you should have a two different types of backups running.  One locally and daily (meaning in house) and secondly to the cloud.  The cloud backup is for disaster recovery should there be a fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.

Taking precautions and having a budget for your IT infrastructure is VERY IMPORTANT!

Nirvoo Networks services all networking equipment on your network.  This includes your server, computers, switches, wireless devices, firewalls, printers, and cabling.  We provide onsite and remote assistance.
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